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Shoulder pain is the third most common problem we see at the Spine Plus Clinic Bow, and we are experts at diagnosing shoulder conditions and providing Shoulder Pain treatment

Although the anatomical make-up of the shoulder is similar to the hip, ie a ball and socket joint, the shoulder has less ligament integrity allowing for greater range of movement. This can make it susceptible to common pathologies such as rotator cuff injuries. At the Spine Plus Clinic Bow, 99% of our shoulder patients present with rotator cuff problems following a sports injury, repetitive strain or just poor rounded posture.

Continual wear and tear of the rotator cuff tendons sees many patients suffer with pain on lifting their arms above their head, or they will mention pain and limitation of movement caused when putting on a coat or reaching out for something off a shelf.

The good news is that at Spine Plus Bow this is easily diagnosed and treated with the right physical therapy and, more importantly, a tailored home exercise programme. Similar, Shoulder Pain can also be caused by rotator cuff injuries, but chronic, rotator cuff injuries sometimes need further investigation via functional ultrasound and follow-up interventions such as steroid injections, barbotage techniques or PRP injections, all of which can be arranged at our Bow clinic via our Spine Plus Harley Street Clinic.

We also regulatory treat many other shoulder conditions such as:

– rotator cuff tears  – frozen shoulders – bursitis – osteoarthritis – clavicle fractures

ligament strains – long head of biceps injuries – thoracic outlet problems

– labral tears (Bankart lesion) – muscle strains – impingements

It’s worth noting that you can often feel pain in the shoulder joint when, in fact, it may be the neck, arm, back, elbow or even gall bladder that is the culprit. So please don’t just assume that its your shoulder that is causing your pain, book an appointment with one of our shoulder pain treatment experts and let us help identify your problem and treat it correctly.

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Shoulder Pain Treatment - Spineplus Clinic Bow

What Can We Treat?

At SpinePlus Clinic Bow we able to treat most Shoulder related conditions that will cause you pain & discomfort. The most common conditions in clinic we see are:

  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Muscle Strain
  • Tendonitis
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Calcified Tendonitis
  • Rotator Cuff Symptoms
  • Ligament Strains
  • Biceps Injuries

How We Treat You?

Correct Diagnosis of your Shoulder Pain at SpinePlus Bow is the key to providing you with the best treatment. All of our team are highly skilled, experienced and highly qualified to identify  your particular problem & devise the correct treatment plan for your condition.

  • Osteopathy Treatment
  • Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical Acupuncture Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy

Where We Treat You?

At SpinePlus Clinic Bow we a stones throw from Mile End, we have a Fully Equipped Treatment Room, & we are easily located whatever you method of transport.

  • Modern Treatment Room
  • Fully Equipped
  • Latest Therapy Equipment
  • Local Parking Available
  • Wheel Chair Accessible
  • Easily Located
  • Close To Underground Stations
  • Close To Bus Stops

Who Will Treat You?

Our Spineplus Bow Shoulder Team are all highly skilled, experienced and qualified to identify  your particular Shoulder related problem and your treatment plan is then decided upon your specific condition, and you not just a check box.

  • Fully Qualified Staff
  • Highly Experienced Staff
  • Specialist Treatment Staff
  • General Orthopaedic Council Accredited
  • Fully Insured
  • Multi Skilled Therapists
  • Friendly & Approachable Staff
Darren Chandler Clinical Director Spineplus Clinic BowLucy Jones Osteopath Spineplus Clinic Bow Osteopath
Sam BolandTerry Beach Massage Therapist Spineplus Clinic Bow

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Spine Plus Clinic Bow Shoulder Pain Treatment Fees

We believe at SpinePlus Bow in being open and transparent in our Neck Condition Treatment fee structure. So below is our current fee structure for Shoulder Pain Treatment at Spine Plus Bow. Please remember we do except private medical insurance, so please see the list of our approved partners. Feel free to contact us to discuss other private medical insurance providers.

Clinic Director


Initial Consultation
  • 60 Minute Consultation
  • Pre Treatment Assessment
  • Analysis of X-ray or MRI Images Included
  • Acupuncture Where Requested / Required at no Extra Cost
  • Specified Treatment Plan if Required
  • Post Treatment Review
  • Follow Up Treatment £60 (30 mins)
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